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Save One Pay One – The Movement

Not Just A Cash Home Buying Company

Save One Pay One is a purpose-driven cash home buying company that is focused on bringing our community together. 

People might find themselves in financial hardships for plenty of reasons, and it is our job to make sure that if someone finds themselves in a tough spot financially, we can help them out of it and educate them about their options. 

So How Does SOPO Work? 

The process is simple! It all begins with a Save. 

The Save

When someone finds themselves with a property that they no longer can afford – they need to be Saved. Begin stuck with a property that is too expensive to maintain or unforeseen circumstances happen and you are drowning in debt. Payments pile up, selling your house gets expensive and takes WAY TO LONG! 

This is where Save One Pay One comes in! Once an individual who needs to be saved reaches out to SOPO, we review all possible options based on the circumstances. We will offer a fair cash offer on the property to help Save that individual FAST. 

The Pay

Now we pay it forward! Once someone is Saved, we shift our focus to paying it forward to someone in need. A “Pay” is when someone shares their hardships through our confidential database. The individual who is Saved then reviews the stories of people who signed up to be helped, and selects the person who will receive the pay of ONE MONTH FREE MORTGAGE. 

Why Save One Pay One?

Save One Pay One has over 40 years of real estate experience under their belts. We focus on fast closing times, hard cash offers, and helping people sell their homes FAST when needed. 

When we are able to sell someone’s home, we are able to pay it forward to people who need help keeping a roof over their heads. 

We are Save One Pay One, and we are purpose-driven cash home buyers.