I never thought I would be in this situation.  My circumstances happened so fast, that I could not believe I had fallen behind on my mortgage. It seemed like that move “A Series Of Unfortunate Events “. In January my daughter’s pregnancy became high-risk and she had to leave her job in Dubai and was hospitalized for pre-term labor, high blood pressure, and toxemia with her first child. Because of this, I was no longer able to take new clients with our catering company and food truck. Our finances got scary, but with summer coming we expected to recoup and catch up on our bills. But this was not to be, my mother was diagnosed with End-stage Kidney Failure, and after weeks in the hospital, she moved from her home of many years into my home. She now takes in-home dialysis and I am her caregiver. Now here it is November. Summer has passed along with our chance for a productive season in catering. My daughter gave me your info this morning, and told me to submit our story. (By the way, she had a healthy baby girl born two months early by emergency c-section. We thank God she came home to deliver!)  We are a fixed income family, with my husband and I retired. Living paycheck to paycheck is real, but our faith remains strong.

Thank you for considering us for this remarkable blessings.

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