I am a single mother who worked so hard to get my masters and board certification in behavior analysis. I work hard but can’t seem to stay current or get ahead right now. Last October my closest friend had to make the decision to remove his 8 year old son from life support. A month later my boyfriends brother who was his closest friend died at 32. Finally, after I thought I was moving somewhat forward my best friend had a heart attack and died at 42. This ripped me apart and I am still trying to recover from losing him. I work with children on the Autism Spectrum as a behavior analyst. I love my career but can’t seem to get caught up or ahead. My son is an up and coming boxer. Bills pile up and to top it off I’ve dealt with severe depression, anxiety and ocd since I was a child. I have a great doctor and am doing well but it seems like minor setbacks push me further behind than the normal person. I just want to feel like I’m caught up so I can get ahead. If I am picked, I promise to pay it forward in any way I can.

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