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Watch these PAY ONE Stories!

Save One Pay One is a faith-driven mortgage relief movement that helps homeowners facing foreclosure, bankruptcy and other financial hardships. We believe in saving families from their distressed situation through our cash home buying program and we believe in building and communities by paying if forward after we save one.

Real Life Save One Familes

Save 1

I was in bankruptcy, my home needed repairs and deeply in debt. Jessica and Kenneth helped me every step of the way. Today I am debt free!


Save 2

My mother passed away and my sister and I live in different states. We couldn’t keep up with the property taxes. The house was failing apart. Save One Pay One paid it forward in our mothers name and gave my sister and I cash for the house.


Save 3

I was going through a divorce. My husband stop paying the mortgage. We fell so far behind on the house that the bank stopped taking any payment I could give them. Save One Pay One paid the home off completely and I could finally start a new life for me and my son. No debt. No stress.


That Same Blessing Payed Forward

Pay 1

The family I selected. Has the same battle I have fought , and continue to do so.  They decided to help their parents. Their Blessings will be revealed, for the glory of God .  Save one pay one will be vehicle.


Pay 2

I’m a single mom. I have my masters. I am a homeowner. Paying for everything doesn’t leave a lot left over for my son.  I just wanted to start a savings account for him. Someone read my story and picked us to bless. If that’s not god, I don’t know what is. Love this mission so much.


Pay 3

I was forced to pull my autistic son out of school and home school him, costing me my income. My husband lost his job 4 months in and has not been able to get one. I found a job but I don’t get paid well enough to pay all the bills. Having our mortgage paid is a dream come true.


Witnesses of Blessings

Our home buying company SAVES mortgages and PAYS them forward all across the United States. Our goal is to change the narrative when it comes to homes and hardships.