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We Buy Houses for Cash Fast – Save One Pay One

Our commitment continues. Each time we are able to SAVE a family from foreclosure, bankruptcy, or their situation we are going to PAY another family’s mortgage. 

The good news is that homeowners do not have to be facing foreclosure to apply for assistance. In fact, we want to help before it even comes to that.

If a homeowner is in need of assistance with keeping their home in good standing, we want to hear from them. Fill out the following questionnaire and tell us your story. Let us know what circumstances you’re facing and how we can help.

Please note: These submissions will be cataloged anonymously for our “SAVE” benefit recipients to select from the “PAY ONE” recipient list. Names, addresses or financial details will not be shared — only homeowner stories. Upon selection, homeowners will be notified of the next steps by phone, email, or by surprise.


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